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Multilayer Group
The   multilayer   group   established   in   1990   by   Prof.   N.K.Flevaris   is   part   of   Physics   Department   in   Aristotle   University   of Thessaloniki. Initially   our   main   focus   was   the   systematic   growth   and   study   of   magnetic   multilayers   while   more   recently   magnetic nanoparticles and their properties are also incorporated in our projects. Currently,   our   main   scientific   interests   are   magnetic   nanostructure   preparation   and   structure   correlation   with   collective magnetic   behavior.   Various   facilities   are   available   including   XRD   and   TEM   for   structure   characterization   together   with magnetic, magneto-optic and magneto-transport for magnetic-origin experiments. The   group's   effectiveness   is   reinforced   by   the   fruitful   and   joint   work   of   academic   staff   members,   post-doc   researchers and   pre-doc   students.   Moreover,   many   collaborations   with   national   and   European   teams   are   established   within   these years which are supported by National and EC Contracts.
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